Can LeBron James replace Darvin Ham as a player-coach at Los Angeles Lakers?


In NBA history, there have been players who are in the twilight of their career and played the playr-coach role before calling it quits inside the court. Now that Darvin Ham has parted ways with Los Angeles Lakers, this idea o LeBron James taking his place has emerged as a potential option amongst fans. But this might not be as easy to pull as it seems, mainly because the player-coach position was banned at a certain point in the league. This rule was established due to the player salary cap, which was introduced during the 1983-84 season. An ESPN article in 2004 confirmed this rule was established and there have been no player-coaches ever since.

NBA legends like Bill Russell and Bob Cousy are amongst the famous player-coaches before the NBA banned this practice. It’s easy to understand why LeBron James would be considered an option to be the coach as a player at the Lakers. But unfortunately for him and his fans, this idea will remain in our imaginations. Make no mistake, James has already shown props of potentially becoming a manager someday. There is already a precedent of his skills simply by looking at his sons playing basketball. All of them can hoop and both of them could grace the NBA someday. But for now, we want to know what his next team will be before he retires.

LeBron James’ future in Los Angeles remains uncertain

These coaching ideas for James at the Lakers are part of the many different ideas floating around in regards of his future. Recently, Jams had to come out and let all his fans know that any decision made about his future will be announced by him and nobody else. Having said that doesn’t stop all the rumors and hot takes about LeBron James’ future in the Lakers. We have to treat this answer to the question as the famous Schrodinger’s Cat hypothesis. Where we still have no idea whether a cat is dead or alive inside a box while we open it. A constantly-changing idea until we actually open the box.

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