Mike Tyson and Jake Paul react to surprising change to the rules of their fight


Not only is the Mike TysonJake Paul fight still going ahead on July 20, but the stakes have been raised with the announcement of the rules — and the sanctioning of the bout as a professional fight.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations has officially classified the TysonPaul showdown at AT&T Stadium as a professional fight between the former heavyweight champion “Iron Mike” and his challenger, a YouTube celebrity-turned pro boxer. Both men reacted to the change on social media and seemed to embrace a decision that drastically raises the profile of this bout.

Not just an exhibition anymore

This showdown in Arlington will go on the professional records of Tyson (50 career wins) and Paul (nine career wins) in an alteration that both men supported on social meida.

“It’s a real sanctioned fight,” Tyson posted on X.

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