Jake Paul’s shocking prediction for the fight against Mike Tyson: One of us has to die


In a recent interview, Jake Paul sent shockwaves through the boxing world with a message about his upcoming fight against Mike Tyson. The YouTube-star-turned-boxer is set to face the former heavyweight world champion in a high-profile match scheduled for this July in Texas.

Despite the significant age difference, with Paul being almost 30 years younger than Tyson, the former appears undaunted by the prospect of stepping into the ring with the boxing legend.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson at war

“It’s war; all is fair in love and war,” Paul told Sky Sports.

“I love the guy, but as soon as it turned into a pro fight, one of us has to die.

“He’s taking this very, very seriously and that’s what’s going to make the fight amazing for all the fans.

“[Tyson] is a killer. I’m moving up to the heavyweight division so he’s going to have some advantages but that’s what’s going to make this fight exciting.

“We both have one-punch knockout. This is what he was destined to do and what he was born for. And he was the one who wanted it to be a pro fight. We were figuring out the rules and Mike said, ‘I want it to be a pro fight. I want to end this kid and stop everything he’s doing.’ So I agreed to make it a pro fight and it’s as real as it gets.”

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