Vincent Kompany: Bayern Munich ‘already feels like home’


Vincent Kompany says Bayern Munich “already feels like home” after being unveiled as the manager of the German Bundesliga club.

Bayern confirmed Kompany, 38, had been handed a three-year deal on Wednesday, replacing Thomas Tuchel.

The Belgian suffered relegation from the Premier League with Burnley in 2023-24.

“My mentality is that I never haven’t ever worked for a top club in my head,” Kompany said.

“A top club is the environment you create. It’s the mentality you have towards your job in good and bad times, that’s what defines working at the top level.

“It already feels like home.”

[…] “I’m eternally motivated, I wake up from the morning to the evening motivated with the intention to make everyone around me better,” added Kompany.

“I’m not defined by the successful years in my life, it’s the moments I had tough times.

“I don’t want to be successful on my own I want to bring as many people with me, that’s in my nature.”

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