Premier League 2023-24 review: flops of the season

We make our picks for the season’s poorest performers and invite you to have your say below.

It’s not been a great year for Brand Premier League, the supposed best league in the world, where just about everyone is perpetually angry or miserable. Who’s happy? Manchester City, of course. Villa, sure. But elsewhere? Liverpool rage about kick-off times. Wolves are furious about VAR. Forest are mad about that too but also about their PSR-induced points deduction. Everton see your points deduction and raise you a takeover saga that has rumbled on without resolution. Sheffield United have had a season so dismal that they may never want to get promoted again. As it goes, the whole thing is infused with a sense of dissatisfaction, as clubs grasp for direction (Chelsea, Manchester United) or bump their heads against the glass ceiling and wonder what the point of it all is (Brighton, Bournemouth, Fulham). And everyone is paying more (soon to be even more) for a reduced spectacle, dulled by the dreaded hand of VAR.

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