‘Now it’s that final step for Arsenal’

They have been almost flawless in this calendar year. 49 points out of 54 and yet they have still fallen short.

It has been 19 years since they last finished in the top two for successive seasons so they are making undoubted progress but now it’s that final step.

Fine margins this year saw them fall short, they’ve got to set the same high levels and standards for next season if they are to pip Manchester City.

‘Our best wasn’t enough’

Arsenal’s Kai Havertz, speaking to TNT Sports: “What can I say? I feel sorry for all the Arsenal fans. We gave our best but it wasn’t enough.

“Maybe in two or three months we can say it was a good fight. Right now I feel like we deserve more. It wasn’t enough in the end but we go again next year.

“We showed great character again, they didn’t make it easy for us. They took time with every throw and every ball. In my opinion it’s sometimes not fair in football but we have to accept that football is hard. Hopefully we can go again next year and give Arsenal fans what they need and what they’re all here for.”

On his message to the fans: “Right now I can’t even think. It’s just so frustrating. It’s tough. I can tell them next year that we’re going to be an even better team and we’re going to give everything again. That’s all I can say.”

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