World Athletics President rubbishes doping-friendly ‘Enhanced Games’ seeking to rival the Olympics


Feb 29 (Reuters) – World Athletics president Sebastian Coe scoffed on Thursday at the premise of the Enhanced Games, a proposed Olympic-style event that will allow athletes to use substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

“Well it’s bollocks, isn’t it?” Coe said at a press conference ahead of this weekend’s world indoor athletics championships in Glasgow. “I can’t really get excited about it.

“There’s only one message and that is if anybody is moronic enough to feel that they want to take part in that, and they are from the traditional, philosophical end of our sport, they’ll get banned and they’ll get banned for a long time.”

The doping-permitted event would target the “hypocritical, corrupt and dysfunctional” Olympics, and give athletes the opportunity to “push the limits of humanity,” Enhanced Games President Aron D’Souza said.

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