‘Wayne Rooney is right on Man Utd flops – is there sinister reason for injuries’


Drunken louts were booted off an easyJet flight at Bristol Airport after attempting to use the loo during take-off.

Passengers on a flight bound for Malaga recounted the dramatic scenes on the runway when the pilot was forced to abort take-off due to the disruptive passengers. The police were summoned to the departure gate to meet the easyJet flight after the pilot halted the plane just as it was about to take off and returned to the terminal. This was due to a group of rowdy young men who refused to sit down and insisted on using the toilet during take-off.

The flight to the Spanish holiday spot was already delayed by an hour in the terminal, and passengers then had to endure another hour’s wait while the ejected passengers collected their bags from the plane and were escorted back to the terminal by the police. One passenger reported that when the door shut and the last of the large group exited the plane, the remaining passengers all spontaneously erupted into cheers.

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