Trump throws support behind North Carolina gubernatorial candidate, comparing him to ‘Martin Luther King on steroids’

Former President Trump endorsed GOP candidate Mark Robinson for North Carolina governor on Saturday, likening him to “Martin Luther King on steroids.”

During a campaign rally in Greensboro, Trump praised Robinson, who currently serves as lieutenant governor in North Carolina, with the unusual comparison. “I think you’re better than Martin Luther King. I think you are Martin Luther King times two,” Trump exclaimed, acknowledging Robinson’s reaction to the remark.

Robinson, favored to win the GOP nomination, has garnered significant support, including endorsements from Trump and the NRA.

In response to Trump’s endorsement, Robinson expressed gratitude, stating, “What an honor to welcome President Donald Trump to my hometown of Greensboro today! I am humbled to have his endorsement.”

Referencing his opponent, Josh Stein, Robinson criticized the Democratic agenda, saying, “The failed Biden-Stein agenda of the Democrat Party has brought our country to crisis. We need more bold fighters like Donald Trump.”

Robinson, who assumed office as North Carolina lieutenant governor in 2021, became the state’s first black American to hold the office. He announced his gubernatorial candidacy last April.

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