Refugee from Somalia, aged 33, who killed 15-year-old Kiyan Prince, denied parole

Somalian refugee, 33, who murdered QPR footballer Kiyan Prince, 15, is denied parole again over ‘inappropriate’ behaviour towards prison staff

  • Kiyan was killed outside his school in London in 2006 while breaking up a fight 

The killer of teenage football star Kiyan Prince has been denied parole after it emerged he has made little progress in jail and his behaviour towards some staff has been ‘inappropriate.’

Hannad Hasan, 33, received a life sentence for murdering the talented QPR footballer, 15, outside his school in London in 2006.

The Somalian refugee was told he would serve a minimum 13-year-tariff before being considered for parole.

In December 2020, Hasan pleaded guilty in Leicester Crown Court to six counts of indecent exposure. He received a further six-month sentence.

This led to his last parole appeal being rejected in 2022 after it emerged he had been convicted of flashing prison officers over a two-year period.

MailOnline can reveal that Hasan, who the government has said cannot be deported, had a ‘paper review’ at a parole hearing in January 2024.

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