Nathan Wade’s lawyer’s texts suggest more than speculation on Fani Willis affair

A cascade of revealing text messages has emerged, shedding light on an alleged affair between Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, disclosed by Nathan’s former divorce attorney, Terrence Bradley. The 413-message exchange between Bradley and Ashleigh Merchant, representing one of Donald Trump’s co-defendants in a Georgia election fraud case, was unveiled during Megyn Kelly’s podcast.

“We have gotten our hands on the texts,” Kelly announced, unveiling the comprehensive exchange, which she described as containing admissions that were previously hidden. In the messages, Bradley refers to Willis and Wade as “arrogant,” expresses trust in Merchant, and insinuates that the affair began before Willis hired Wade.

In one exchange, Merchant queries Bradley about the timing of the affair’s onset. “Absolutely,” Bradley affirms, revealing that it commenced when Willis transitioned from her role in the DA’s office to a judgeship in South Fulton. Willis served as a judge in South Fulton in 2019, as reported by Time magazine.

During a subsequent confrontation on the stand about Willis and Wade’s relationship, Bradley’s reaction was one of dismay. “Oh, dang,” he muttered upon being presented with a message referencing the affair. However, for the remainder of the hearing, he struggled to recall crucial details about the initiation of the relationship, dismissing his previous messages as speculative.

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