Inside Man City’s legal challenge to Premier League as club complain rules are BIASED towards London teams


MANCHESTER CITY’s legal bid to dismantle the Premier League rulebook could do far more than spark “civil war” within the top flight.

The Prem kings hope to end up with NO limits on funding from their UAE-based owners.

City also claim the whole Prem structure – where rule changes need a two-thirds majority – should be ditched.

Their legal bid could ignite huge divisions within the top flight – not to mention other dramatic implications.

Here, the Sun’s Chief Sports writer MARTIN LIPTON explains the situation.

He guides us through the potential process and how, if at all, it might affect the 115 Financial Fair Play Charges that City face.

What is City’s claim?

City are arguing that the Prem’s “related party transaction” rules, demanding a “fair market value” test for any deals with companies owned by the club’s owners, are thrown out.

They also claim the longstanding Prem requirement for a two-thirds majority for any measure to be passed is unfair.

So they want that scrapped as well.


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