‘I would never’: Ronaldinho clears air on controversial Brazil comments after Raphinha’s reply


“I would never abandon Brazilian football, ever. And I’d never say those things you see,” Ronaldinho clarified on Instagram.

“Actually, these words came from real Brazilian fans, they are real comments that I saw on the internet… Imagine listening to these messages before you play? Nope, motivation goes down.

“Fan support makes a huge difference to the player, I know what I’m talking about.

“Guys, what our boys need is support at this time. The more confidence we show, the more confidence they will have on the field.

“That’s why, I joined Rexona in this movement to encourage the Cheer That Doesn’t Quit.

“We are asking everyone to send messages of support and confidence in CONMEBOL Copa America.

“Let’s give all the magical support of the Brazilian fan,” Ronaldinho concluded.

So what did Ronaldinho say before? The Barca legend claimed that Brazil’s team for the Copa America was the worst in recent years. He branded them as bang average.

Raphinha followed up by claiming he doesn’t believe Ronaldinho meant to say such harsh words. He even gave an instance of Ronaldinho asking for tickets to go watch Brazil.

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