Guard member from US admits to leaking military secrets

Jack Teixeira, a 22-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, has pleaded guilty in a US federal court to leaking highly classified military documents concerning the conflict in Ukraine and other national security matters.

According to his plea agreement with prosecutors, Teixeira faces a prison sentence ranging from 11 to nearly 17 years, with prosecutors seeking the maximum penalty.

Teixeira, hailing from North Dighton, Massachusetts, confessed to unlawfully gathering military intelligence and distributing it to other users on Discord, a popular social media platform among gamers.

The breach sparked concerns regarding America’s ability to safeguard its most sensitive information, prompting the Biden administration to address the diplomatic and military repercussions.

Teixeira, employed as a cyber transport systems specialist in the 102nd Intelligence Wing at Otis Air National Guard Base, accessed classified documents and shared images of files marked “Secret” and “Top Secret.”

His actions exposed classified assessments of various geopolitical situations, including Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and other national security issues.

Despite his guilty plea, Teixeira remains in the Air National Guard in an unpaid capacity, as confirmed by an Air Force official.

In exchange for his plea, prosecutors agreed not to pursue additional charges under the Espionage Act. However, Teixeira must participate in debriefing sessions with intelligence community members, the Defense Department, and the Justice Department.

Teixeira’s motive for the leaks remains unclear, with prosecutors indicating that he may have been motivated by a desire to impress others rather than to inform the public or influence policy.

Prosecutors revealed that Teixeira continued leaking classified information despite warnings from superiors and even took notes on intelligence information, which went unreported.

The Air Force inspector general determined that members failed to report the full extent of Teixeira’s unauthorized activities, delaying appropriate action.

Teixeira’s sentencing is scheduled for September, where the judge will decide whether to accept the plea agreement.

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