Father allegedly drugged daughter’s 12-year-old friends with spiked Mango smoothies during sleepover

Michael Meyden, 57, faces charges after three girls ended up in the hospital and drugs were found in their systems, according to a statement from the Lake Oswego Police Department.

The incident occurred last August during a sleepover at a friend’s home in Lake Oswego, where three 12-year-old girls were allegedly exposed to an unknown drug.

The girls were subsequently treated at Randall Children’s Hospital.

According to a redacted affidavit obtained by The Daily Mail, the hospitalized girls tested positive for benzodiazepines, a drug commonly prescribed for anxiety that can cause drowsiness and relaxation.

On the day of the sleepover, Meyden was reportedly “very involved” in the girls’ activities, including taking them to get their nails done and ordering pizza for dinner.

Before bedtime, Meyden allegedly prepared mango smoothies for each girl in milkshake-style glasses, ensuring they used their assigned straws and cups.

While the girls were asleep, one claimed Meyden came downstairs multiple times and attempted to separate two sleeping girls. She recounted Meyden checking if they were asleep by waving his hand in front of their faces.

One girl texted her parents feeling unsafe, prompting a family friend to pick her up. The other girls were collected later, with Meyden allegedly insisting they return in the morning to retrieve them.

Meyden turned himself in on February 28 and faces nine counts, including causing another to ingest a controlled substance and delivering a controlled substance to a minor.

His attorney, Mark Cogan, stated Meyden pleaded not guilty and emphasized his presumption of innocence.

“We have not seen the evidence,” Cogan said. “And we hope that people will reserve judgment until all the facts are known.”

Meyden is scheduled to appear in court on April 8 for a hearing, with his trial set for April 25, according to court records.

The Independent has reached out to Meyden’s attorney for comment.

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