Emmanuel Macron’s step-daughter opens up about mother’s affair wound

Emmanuel Macron’s step-daughter says she is still wounded by her mother’s ‘forbidden relationship’ with the future French president – and also addresses bizarre rumour that Brigitte was born male

Tiphaine Auzière, the step-daughter of Emmanuel Macron, has spoken out about her mother’s scandalous affair with the future French President. Auzière, who has just published her first novel, admits she remains wounded by the ‘forbidden relationship’ between a married teacher and a teenage pupil. 

She also addresses claims that Brigitte was born male. Auzière learned about human nature and the importance of moving forward without taking into account criticism. 

She is upset that her father, André-Louis Auzière, was forced to leave the family home in 1994, allowing Macron to marry her a year later.

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