Declan Rice shouldn’t need to ‘upgrade’ girlfriend Lauren Fryer – she’s a mum not a car, he doesn’t have ‘low standards’


WHY do we presume that if a man is rich and successful, he should have a partner who’s thin and looks like a Victoria’s Secret model?

I think it’s disgusting on multiple levels that Declan Rice’s partner Lauren Fryer, 25, the mother of his 18-month-old son Jude, has been subjected to horrendous online abuse for her appearance, which has led to her deleting every single post on her Instagram.

She never asked for this criticism en masse, and she doesn’t deserve it.

It ties into the idea of the trophy wife and it totally belittles the incredible achievements of someone like Declan.

He’s worked his backside off to get where he is and then people look at him and they think, “Yes, you might be successful and you might be a great footballer, but I don’t think your partner is pretty enough!

“And I don’t think she’s thin enough! So you need to change that. Because you’re not successful if you don’t have a partner who’s a size 8.”

As far as I can tell, Lauren and Declan have one of the strongest relationships in football and it’s clearly rooted in a deep love for one another.

One troll accused Rice of having “low standards” and said it was “disgusting behaviour” to stay with Lauren, who has 64,000 followers on Instagram, while another suggested it was time Rice got an “upgrade”.

Declan, also 25, is quite clearly madly in love with Lauren, who he lives with in North London, and made that clear when he hit back at these awful comments, saying, “My woman is the love of my life and there is no upgrade that exists for me.” 

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