Community calls on Musk to address spreading of pornography on X platform

FRUSTRATED by the widespread proliferation of pornographic materials on the X platform, an increasing number of users have initiated a social media campaign, imploring Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of X, to intervene and mitigate the dissemination of adult content.

“The escalating presence of pornography on X demands urgent action,” emphasized a leading voice in the movement.

Notably, on February 24, users rallied around the hashtag “Ban Pornography on X,” underscoring the urgency for Musk to address the issue and implement more stringent measures to counter the promotion of explicit material.

“Elon Musk’s intervention is crucial in safeguarding users against exposure to inappropriate content,” stressed a participant in the campaign.

Despite X’s policies explicitly prohibiting the sharing of unsolicited pornographic content, the platform has evolved into a central hub for the organized distribution of explicit material.

“While X has made efforts to enforce its guidelines through community notices and sensitive media flags, the leniency in enforcement has led to a proliferation of adult content on the platform,” highlighted a concerned user.

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