Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid shatter Manchester City’s treble dreams


Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti strolled nonchalantly away from a scene of carnage as Manchester City’s Treble dream was left in tatters by the great Champions League survivors.

Ancelotti has seen most things in football – including plenty of success as the only man to win this tournament four times – but even the most famous raised eyebrow in the game must have nudged skywards a little more than usual at the manner of this quarter-final victory.

Real went through 4-3 on penalties after the tie ended 4-4 on aggregate, 1-1 on the night here, but City will wonder long and hard at how they failed to win a game they dominated almost completely.

City have suffered pain in the Champions League before and there will certainly be wounds from the way this frenetic, compelling game was lost.

The immediate task for manager Pep Guardiola is to make sure the fatigue and disappointment left behind here does not spill over into what is now a quest for a domestic double of the Premier League and FA Cup, with a semi-final against Chelsea in the latter at Wembley on Saturday.

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