10 steps to link mobile phone numbers to NIN


The Nigerian Communications Commission’s (NCC) directive has set a deadline of February 28, 2024, for telecom consumers to link their Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) to their National Identity Numbers (NINs).

The NCC had issued a notice in December 2023, instructing telcos to deactivate SIMs not linked to NINs by the specified deadline.

Despite a plea for an extension, the NCC Director of Public Affairs, Reuben Mouka, ruled out any leniency, threatening sanctions for telcos failing to comply.

Here  are 10 steps to link your mobile numbers to your NIN :

  1. Download the NIMC Personal Identity application from Google Store or Apple Store.
  2. Upon download, gain access to link up to approximately 28 mobile numbers to your NIN.
  3. Input your 11-digit NIN on the NIMC Personal Identity page to proceed with the linkage.
  4. If you are unaware of your NIN, retrieve it by dialing *346# on the registered mobile number or supply your first name, middle name, surname, and date of birth within the app to search for the NIN.
  5. After providing the NIN, the app will confirm your number. If the number linked is not the one you intended, choose to use another number from the options provided.
  6. Provide the alternative number, and you will promptly receive an SMS containing a token to proceed.
  7. If the OTP is not received, dial 3642*NIN#.
  8. An SMS containing your UserID and OTP will be sent. Input the OTP to access your identity platform, displaying your UserID, NIN info, and a picture.
  9. Click on the icon indicating the option to link your numbers and add the desired mobile numbers.
  10. Another OTP will be sent to the number(s) you wish to link; input it, and the linkage will be completed.

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